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Weiler Ceramic Filament Products for Nuclear IndustryAbrasives

Abrasives: Weiler Ceramic Filament Products for Nuclear Industry

Weiler ceramic filament brushes for the nuclear industry.Weiler Corporation introduces a line of ceramic filament products and power tools specifically designed to assist the nuclear industry. In nuclear power plants, Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) programs may limit or even exclude the use of wire brushes in some areas during routine maintenance or repairs. The unprecedented level of performance offered by Weiler's black Nylox ceramic filament brushes make them a suitable alternative to wire brushes for many deburring, cleaning and surface preparation applications.

The ceramic abrasive in Weiler's black Nylox filament is up to 400% more aggressive than the grey silicon carbide grains in other abrasive nylon filaments, resulting in increased productivity. The ceramic grain also makes these brushes an ideal choice for use on materials such as Inconel, stainless steel and titanium.

To produce the best results with Weiler's black ceramic filament brushes, Weiler has also worked with Metabo® on an exclusive line of right angle grinders and die grinders that have been designed to match the capabilities of these products. These power tools are virtually indestructible, sealed to protect the internal mechanisms from accumulation of grinding dust, and are well-vented for optimum air flow over the motor to ensure long life.

Black ceramic filament brushes available for use on the Weiler/Metabo right angle grinder include narrow face wheels, cup brushes and bevel brushes. Available for use on the Weiler/Metabo die grinder are end brushes, controlled flare end brushes and conflex brushes. Weiler also offers hand scratch brushes with the same black Nylox ceramic filament.

For more information on Weiler's black ceramic filament brushes or any of Weiler products, contact: Weiler Corporation, One Weiler Drive, Cresco, Pennsylvania 18326-0149 • Toll free (800) 835-9999 • FAX: 570-595-2002.