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Werner Extension Ladder WalkThru

New Werner Ladder Accessory Provides a Smooth Transition from Roof to Ladder

Werner, a global leader in ladders and a trusted brand in jobsite fall protection equipment, today announces the new Extension Ladder WalkThru™, a ladder accessory that allows users to make an ergonomic transition area from extension ladder to roof.

The Werner Extension Ladder WalkThru™ allows the user to step directly from the ladder onto a roof, without stepping out to the side, bracing the transition from the roof to ladder and vice versa.

Following the debut of Werner’s GlideSafe Extension Ladder, which uses an innovative and rugged system that makes it up to 50% easier to raise and lower the ladder, the new WalkThru™ accessory builds on the brand’s legendary legacy of safety and ease of use for customers.

“Those who work on rooftops know the transition from the ladder to the raised surface can be a daunting task,” said Melissa Moss, Product Manager – Fall Protection. “This fall protection accessory improves access to the rooftop and provides an ergonomic transition area from a Werner ladder to the roof. The Werner Extension Ladder WalkThru is built by Werner, for Werner, and designed to work seamlessly with our industry leading Type II, I, IA and IAA extension ladders.”

An Accessory Users Will Rely On

Light, strong and easy to install without any tools, Werner’s Extension Ladder WalkThru™ smooths the aspects of transitioning off a ladder onto a roof or transitioning from the roof onto a ladder – even for the most experienced professional users.

The WalkThru™ accessory is built to work seamlessly with Werner’s industry-leading ladders to ensure a proper product fit. The rock-solid connection secures the WalkThru™ to a Werner

extension ladder using a dual-clamping system (with 4 points of contact) to the ladder that locks onto the side rails with no tools required. When installed on an extension ladder, the Werner WalkThru™ serves as a 3-foot extension above the top support for access to an elevated surface.

And with its all-aluminum construction, the WalkThru™ is 25% lighter than similar models from competitors.

Coming soon, a spring-loaded gate accessory will add more security to the top transition on Werner ladders, by serving as a continuous guardrail. Designed with a robust spring and mag-lock closure, the gate accessory provides a useful and clear access point to a raised work area.

It’s also made from the same lightweight, high-quality aluminum construction to ensure durability and reliability even under repeated use.

Werner’s new Extension Ladder WalkThru™ adds even more functionality to the world’s best extension ladders. A pro using Werner’s new GlideSafe extension ladder with the WalkThru™ accessory can easily reach a raised work surface with a fraction of the effort, then step over the leading edge transition smoother and with more confidence.

Werner’s WalkThru™ extension ladder accessory is now available nationwide. For more information, visit