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Werner GLIDESAFE Extension Ladder

Werner, a world leader in ladders and the manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, announces a new easy-operating extension ladder with a breakthrough innovation: a patent-pending lift assist technology that helps the end user comfortably raise and lower the ladder’s fly section.

The Werner GLIDESAFE™ Extension Ladder is the only ladder on the market with Werner’s patent-pending technology which provides up to 50% assistance to raise* the ladder in addition to speed-controlled lowering.

“This first-to-world innovation helps prevent fatigue on the jobsite,” said Carla Ramalho, Werner’s senior product manager over climbing products. “During field visits, our team recognized that extending fiberglass ladders all day, and being able to control the tall and heavy ladders took a toll on ladder users."

"We quickly went to the drawing board to find ways to solve these pain points. Today, our team is excited to announce we’ve created an extension ladder that not only addresses these concerns but improves the comfort of our end users!”

Designed for all professionals who use fiberglass extension ladders, from commercial construction to facilities maintenance, GLIDESAFE takes ease-of-use to the next level.

Breakthrough Innovation

Werner’s patent-pending Lift-Assist Technology makes the GLIDESAFE the only extension ladder of its kind. The internal spring mechanism operates similar to a garage door system providing assistance to raise it when you need it most.

As the user pulls the internal lift cable, the spring releases tension and helps lift the extension ladder’s fly section with less effort required. When the fly section is lowered, it reloads tension on the spring, providing resistance that keeps the ladder’s fly section from slamming to the ground.

The lift assist mechanism is connected through an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene rope, the same material used for lines on sport parachutes and in the marine industry. The new components match Werner’s industry-leading standards for strength and durability.

The result of the Lift-Assist Technology is a pro-grade fiberglass extension ladder that slides up and down smoothly and with less effort, removing common pain points caused by free-moving fly sections.

Focus on Safety

Werner takes a strict adherence to leading safety standards, and the GLIDESAFE extension ladder is no exception. Multiple features help keep the ladder locked in place when it is not in use.

A built-in auto-lock automatically engages when the extension ladder is fully collapsed. A yellow tab must be pressed to unlock the ladder and allow it to extend. Additional heavy-duty locks keep the GLIDESAFE secure and stable when it is extended during use.

The new GLIDESAFE extension ladder also comes with built-in transportation latches which can be buckled around the rungs of both ladder sections. The latches help ensure safe transportation of the ladder, keeping it from extending while on the go.

Legendary Quality

Werner’s commitment to manufacturing equipment of the highest quality is reflected in the new GLIDESAFE extension ladder. Available in six sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet, each GLIDESAFE extension ladder is rated for a 300-pound load capacity.

The new ladder features many of the details that help set Werner products apart for their useability, including dual-action feet that can be used on both hard and penetrable surfaces as well as exclusive ALFLO® rung joints, providing Twist-Proof performance. Dual-colored rails help users stay oriented and allow them to focus on the task at hand. The Werner GLIDESAFE extension ladder is also compatible with the same accessories as the well-established D6200 series.

Werner’s new line of GLIDESAFE extension ladders are now available online and in stores nationwide. For more information, visit

* Percentage of assist can vary by ladder size, friction between siderails and variation on lift assist technology, compared to Werner D6200 300lbs fiberglass extension ladder.