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Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod ShearThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear

The new Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear makes the shear difference by quickly, safely and efficiently cutting strut that is burr-free and immediately ready for installation. In just 3 seconds, the portable, hydraulic shear slices through Unistrut®, Powerstrut®, Superstrut®, back-to-back strut and threaded rod.

No secondary operations are needed, and there are no sparks or mess to clean up, as with alternative cutting methods.

Primary users of the Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear are electrical, construction and mechanical contractors, as well as other industry professionals. Typical applications include installation of lightweight structural load support for electrical, HVAC, data wire, piping and other construction systems.

The portable shear is also handy for installing custom storage, shelving and ceiling support grids.

The compact SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear has a precision-machined, ductile iron frame and powerful 30-ton hydraulic cylinder for durability and is easy to set up in minutes.

Its quick-coupler connects to any 10,000 psi power source (not included). A large top-mounted handle make it easy to transport the shear wherever it’s needed.

Wilton offers an optional 10,000 psi hydraulic power pack, which includes a 6 ft. hose. This portable unit has a 1 hp, single phase, permanent magnet motor to power a single acting cylinder. It is equipped with a protective roll cage and cabled remote for easy operation.

The Wilton SHR provides tool-less blade-set changes. Its front work- piece support rotates out of the way to improve blade set access. The blade is held securely in place by two knobs, which maintain a clean, straight cut every time.

The SHR’s standard blade set shears 1-5/8” and 13/16” strut. Blade sets are available for shearing back-to-back, deep only and Cooper B-Line® 4D21 and 4D22 strut. A single-blade set also is available for shearing 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/8”, and 5/8” threaded rod.

The shear also features a marker notch to easily monitor cut lengths using a standard tape measure. Additionally, dual support rods are included with a 17” measurement scale from backstop to cut. These rods can be replaced with standard 1” O.D. pipe for longer shearing applications.

An adjustable backstop allows rapid, repetitive shearing of uniform strut lengths. The backstop has a quick-release lever for side-to-side movement. The Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear is backed by the company’s one-year warranty.

Visit to locate a dealer for the Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear (Stk# 28910, $1,999), Wilton Starter Kit incl. Shear & Power Pack (Stk# 28920, $3,799) and Wilton SHR Power Pack, SPX, 10,000 psi (Stk# 28990, $4,999).

The Wilton SHR Strut & Threaded Rod Shear, Wilton SHR Starter Kit and Wilton SHR Power Pack are available through industrial distributors and several online retailers. For further assistance, contact Wilton Consumer Relations at 800-274-6848.

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