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Yale and Shaw-Box wire rope hoists with longer lifts and improved electronic hoist monitoringLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Material Handling: Yale and Shaw-Box wire rope hoists with longer lifts and improved electronic hoist monitoring

Safety and versatility are two important factors to consider when choosing a wire rope hoist for your material handling application. With that in mind, Columbus McKinnon Corporation has expanded the capabilities of its Yale Global King and Shaw-Box World Series wire rope hoists to include longer 60-foot lifts and an improved electronic hoist monitoring system.

Manufactured in Wadesboro, North Carolina these best-in-class hoists are designed for ease of use and long life in even the most heavy-duty applications.

Longer Lifts
Addressing industry demand for longer lifts, we have added 60-foot lift models to our Global King and World Series product offering. These new models are available as monorail or top-running units in capacities up to 15 tons. Most models are two-speed with lifting speeds of 20/5 FPM with the exception of 15-ton units, which have lifting speeds of 18/4.5 FPM.

All Global King and World Series models feature heavy-duty DC disc brakes, a two-speed hoist motor, limit switches and a low-headroom design.

Electronic Hoist Monitoring System
To help ensure the proper use and maintenance of Global King and World Series hoists, Columbus McKinnon offers its Pulse Monitor Electronic Hoist Data Interface standard on all models.

The Pulse Monitor is an electronic monitoring system that records key performance data of the hoist during normal operation. Recorded with a time and date stamp, recorded information includes: motor starts, cumulative run time, plug events, overcapacity events, motor trip events and voltage measurements.

“The Pulse Monitor can help provide a lower total cost of ownership for your CMCO hoist,” said Paul
Smielecki, Global Product Manager, Wire Rope Hoists. “The Pulse Monitor allows for better maintenance timing, reduced downtime due to improper hoist use, verification of clean line voltage and ultimately a longer hoist life.”

The Pulse Monitor System is available in four different kit varieties, including our new Pulse Monitor Interface Kit with USB adaptor, as well as kits for adaptation to other Columbus McKinnon hoists.

To learn more about the Global King and World Series wire rope hoists and other material handling products and services, contact CMCO customer service at 1-800-888-0985 or visit the website