Strong Man Safety offers custom branded patches

Barrier patches offer branding opportunity for jobsites and yards.

Strong Man Safety Products, the nation’s number one supplier of debris netting and weather enclosure tarps, is offering a new product to clients: branded patches for barriers and privacy screens.

The customized patches serve a dual purpose, conveying messages to passersby about the construction at hand and acting as a valuable branding tool for construction companies. The patches come in a multitude of colors and may be attached to any type of netting, but work best with privacy screens or dense shade cloths. Almost any artwork can be duplicated on the patches, allowing Strong Man clients a wide range of branding and messaging options.

Production of the patches is simple. Artwork submitted by clients is transferred to the patches, which are then sewn onto the screen, delivering a finished product. Alternatively, customers may also attach the patches themselves.

“Putting your company’s name and logo on a privacy screen patch is just the beginning,” says Strong Man founder and CEO, Jay Kinder. “We encourage clients to think beyond mere logos. This may mean they include past project photos, other branding messages or even just keep it fun and simple with messages that read ‘Have a nice day,’ or have an inspirational or humorous quote.”

Since every patch is customized, Kinder notes customers can mix and match messages with their company logos to create powerful brand messaging seen by drivers, pedestrians and anyone who happens past the job site. The result is a simple and cost-effective—especially when compared with having to print an entire role—means of promotion that mirrors the effectiveness of a billboard.

“Strong Man continues to be the best one-stop shop for all your barrier—and now your branding—needs,” notes Kinder. “We’re thrilled to offer a service that promotes our customers to the world.”

For more information regarding the new customizable patches or any Strong Man product, email or call 973-831-1555. Learn more at