Posted August 1, 2018

Black Ink Technologies adds advanced analytics to Dealer CRM

Instant datasets and analysis now available for independent distributors and OEMs to manage their relationships with dealers.

Black Ink Technologies, a leading SaaS-based customer and sales intelligence analytics platform for durable goods industry, today announced new sales enablement functionality to its Dealer CRM product, EyeOn Demand: Dealer.

“The real-time integration of sales-to-dealer to the end-user-customer data closes the loop on durable good product lifecycles, allowing the user to see dealer invoice data and product registration data side by side,” said Jeff Winsper, President of Black Ink Technologies. “EyeOn Demand: Dealer solves the mystery of dealer-to-customer analysis and does so in one centralized, easy to use platform accessible via mobile and desktop.”

EyeOn Demand: Dealer allows field sales up-to-date daily information not only on the invoices placed by the dealer from distribution upstream, but also any product registrations sold just yesterday to end-user customers. This aggregated data on dealer sales by model number, product category type, invoice, and serial number empowers users to the exact status and trend of sales from multiple points of view, such as turnover rates, sell-through rates, and registration rates.

Management users can also track daily goals of individual sales managers, individual dealers, and specific product or accessory goals across entire regions to instantly compare status against the goal and against the time remaining to achieve it. Credit status of the dealer is also kept up-to-date, including any arrears information.

All of these instant datasets and analysis are at the sales or distribution managers’ fingertips to provide them a complete viewpoint into the total status of their relationship with all dealers and customers and do so in a way that gives the individual salesperson the leg up on critical, daily dealer information. No longer will they be unable to see yesterday’s order from the dealer before they walk into the store.

EyeOn Demand: Dealer is ideal for progressive-thinking independent distributors and OEMs chartered to engage directly with independent dealers. For more product and pricing information, or to request an EyeOn demonstration, please visit

Black Ink Technologies provides leading SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for equipment manufacturers and the independent dealers supply chain. It’s EyeOn Suite improves customer acquisition, repeat purchases and upselling growth opportunities for sales, marketing and P&L leaders so they can sell more products and services, smarter and faster. Recently, Black Ink was honored as a top sales enablement and intelligence platform by MarTech. For more product and pricing information, or to request an EyeOn demonstration, please visit