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400-PSI timber framer from MAXPower Nailers & Staplers

Nailers & Staplers: 400-PSI timber framer from MAX

The MAX HS130 400-psi Timber Framer shoots nails to 5 1/8 inches long.MAX USA’s 400-psi Model HS130 offers an alternative to conventional fastening systems.

The HS130 is a compact, light-weight system with all the advantages and more of 100-psi tools. At 9.5 pounds, it is more than 30 percent lighter than comparable 100-psi tools. It is also nearly 3 inches shorter, making it much easier to maneuver.

The tool holds up to 64 nails from 3 ½ to 5 1/8 inch x .162  21-degree plastic collated nails and places them in a single shot. Applications include timber frame construction, heavy-duty crating and pole barn construction.

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