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BRUNT Workwear Perkins BootsSafety

BRUNT Workwear Perkins Boots

BRUNT Workwear is releasing the next generation model of their popular Perkins style boot, offering jobsite-approved protection from the common hazards of trade work, with BRUNT’s signature comfort for those on their feet all day.

Features and benefits on the new boot include:

  • Electrical hazard (EH) provides a secondary source of protection for accidental contact with live electrical circuits
  • Full-grain barnyard resistant waterproof leather helps resist the damaging effects of oleic acid, urea, sodium chloride and ammonium hydroxide
  • Oil and slip resistant, high heat resistant (300°C/572°F) BRUNT rubber outsole

Fun fact: The Perkins boot was developed by (and named after) seasoned diesel mechanic, veteran coast guardsman – and now BRUNT’s Associate Director of Community and Events – Jeremy Perkins.