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Champion Cutting Tool AC120 SuperBrute Magnetic Drill PressDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Champion Cutting Tool AC120 SuperBrute Magnetic Drill Press

Champion Cutting Tool is thrilled to introduce the RotoBrute AC120 SuperBrute Magnetic Drill Press to the industrial market. 

The AC120 SuperBrute Mag Drill is not for everyone.  Engineered for extreme steel fab applications, users can drill up to 4-3/4 “ dia and up to 4” depth.  Operators will experience smooth, heavy duty cutting due to the powerful 1700W motor and strong 7200 lb magnet.

“The AC120 can cut over 2 inches larger and deeper than most magnetic drills.  Distributors and users come to Champion because we provide the largest and deepest range of annular cutters on the market.  We developed the AC120, a reliable and productive mag drill, to support these customers.  – Allison Frey, Chief Marketing Officer

By investing in the AC120, users will have the convenience of using annular cutters plus additional cutting tools like twist drills, maintenance reamers, bridge reamers, and taps.  The AC120 includes two arbors, drill/chuck adaptor, and coolant tank assembly.

Rugged, powerful, and easy to use, the AC120 SuperBrute is the ultimate solution for serious users tackling tough steel jobs. 

For optimal performance and productivity, Champion recommends using our top-quality cutting tools, which include a broad range of Carbide Tipped and High Speed Steel Annular Cutters and high performance Brute Drills, Reamers, and Taps.  By using Brutelube Cutting Fluid, operators will experience increased cutting tool life, and smooth-bur free drilling every time.

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