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Blue Monster Compression Seal TapeAdhesives, Sealants & Coatings

Adhesives & Sealants: Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape

Blue Monster compression seal tape from the Clean-Fit Products division of The Mill-Rose Company was developed for professional plumbing contractors yet is equally effective for crisis and long-term applications.

Contractors can seal leaks up to 150 PSI on almost any material, from galvanized and cast iron to copper and all types of plastics and rubber.

Blue Monster compression seal tape features self-fusing layers that form a waterproof seal by compression without the use of any adhesive. Pulling and wrapping the tape tightly around problem leaks creates a chemical reaction that fuses the layers of tape into a mass of silicone. Once fused, the silicon mass forms a heavy-duty bond on the leak or connection that serves as the emergency or long-term repair.

Blue Monster compression seal tape is offered in 1” x 12-foot rolls packaged in a round, plastic case for convenient storage in toolboxes, drawers or storage cases. This tape is environmentally safe and non-toxic, safe for drinking water applications, and effectively seals up to 500ºF / 260ºC.

Applications range from traditional plumbing to irrigation pipe repair.