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BonWay Expands Urethane Stamping Pattern LineConcrete Equipment

BonWay Expands Urethane Stamping Pattern Line

In response to the continued demand for decorative concrete options, the BonWayTM division of Bon Tool Co. has expanded its product line with 12 new urethane mat patterns, new Deer and Salmon Nature Stamps, and a unique Cobble Circle Urethane Mat System.

The new mats added to the BonWayTM product line mimic a variety of paving materials for patios, porches, driveways and sidewalks, including stone, rock, slate, tile, brick and wood planks. In total, over 35 new stamping mats are being manufactured by Bon, as many of the patterns come in multiple layouts, multiple sizes or matching thinner and more flexible floppy mat options.

All parts can be viewed on line at and are included in the Bon’s 2021 Master Catalog, which can be requested on Bon’s website.

The Cobble Circle System has two mat sizes which can used in multiple layouts. Use the small mats alone to create a 4’ 4” diameter textured circle; use the small and medium mats to build a 9’ full textured circle shape; or use the medium mat alone to create a textured border circle or semi-circle.

The BonWayTM Decorative Concrete division of Bon Tool Co. was formed to manufacture and market tools and materials specifically for the decorative concrete trade. With a full line of products including Release Agents, Concrete Coloring, Touch-up Tools, Texturing and Patterning Tools, BonWayTM has everything needed to produce attractive alternatives to ordinary concrete.

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