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Cortec CorrVerter Rust-Passivating PrimerAdhesives, Sealants & Coatings

Cortec CorrVerter Rust-Passivating Primer

Abrasive grinding and sandblasting are common ways to restore rusty metal surfaces and prepare them for painting. A much easier and very effective alternative is to coat the rust with CorrVerter, a water-based rust passivating primer from Cortec Corporation.

CorrVerter is a fast drying, water-based one-coat system that converts rusted surfaces to a hydrophobic
passive layer and prevents further rusting through its unique formulation of chelating agents and PVDC

CorrVerter simplifies surface prep. All that is needed is to remove the loose rust with a wire brush before
spraying or brushing CorrVerter® onto the corroded surface.

CorrVerter can be top coated with many different water-based and solvent-based coatings including
urethanes, epoxies, acrylics, and alkyds. It shows excellent 5B adhesion (ASTM D3359) to coatings such
as Cortec’s VpCI-396, a corrosion inhibiting urethane topcoat.

The applications where CorrVerter have been or can be used are countless:

  • Preserving rusted equipment on drilling rigs
  • Restoring rusty plows and trucks exposed to harsh winter deicing salts
  • Preserving a Gothic cathedral
  • Restoring rusty pipe and tank exteriors
  • Protecting vulnerable base bolts on wind turbine towers
  • Repairing a rusty metal roof

CorrVerter is especially helpful when dealing with rust in areas where it is difficult to achieve good surface prep. This was the case for a bridge in Hawaii that was undergoing a seismic retrofit.

Exposure to volcanic sulfuric dioxide and moist air containing chlorides near the Pacific Ocean had caused steel girders to rust in areas that were hard to reach. Priming these locations with CorrVerter was an excellent solution to protect against further corrosion.

In another instance, large sunflower oil reservoirs needed external surface rust removal and a good coatings system to protect against future corrosion. Mechanical methods of rust removal such as sand and water blasting were not allowed in the area, so workers applied CorrVerter after removing loose rust by wire brush and washing the surfaces with VpCI-414. Due to CorrVerter’s compatibility, workers were still able to topcoat CorrVerter with the client’s chosen epoxy and enamel coatings after passivating the rust.

There are many other situations in which blasting or mechanical abrasion are not ideal for rusty surfaces.
Fortunately, CorrVerter remains an outstanding, easy to use option for passivating rust and protecting metal
surfaces against further corrosion.

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