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Coval Technologies Acetone Sprayers

Coval Technologies will offer custom-made acetone sprayers to distributors to sell with its coatings in 2024. The stable base, 3-gallon sprayers will be packaged with all the components needed to successfully install Coval products, including installation instructions, a 72” acetone-resistant hose, and applicable spray tips.

Other benefits of the Coval sprayers include EPDM seals for protection from acetone effects and a tank made with HDPE that will not crack, dent, or corrode. A built-in inflation valve allows pressurizing the sprayer using a compressor or air source for large jobs.

Installers will have improved tip efficiency with drip resistance, a wide mouth opening for pouring, and an automatic pressure relief valve for over 45 psi of pressure. Every sprayer is tested for effectiveness before shipment.

Coatings installers are occasionally required to purchase supplies from more than one vendor, because an acetone sprayer and the necessary spray tips are not typically packaged together at a store where Coval products are sold.

“Being able to purchase the spray tips with instructions at the same time as the sprayer will rescue numerous installers from frustration,” said Kelly Wright of Aerofloor Coating Systems in Dallas and Coval product installer. “My team is very excited about the new Coval sprayers.”

Several different types of spray tips are recommended for the various finishes. A red fan tip is recommended for gloss finishes and vertical surfaces, whereas the red fan tip, and gray or brown cone tips can be used with all finishes including gloss, satin, and matte. Distributors will carry replaceable sprayer parts in their stores.

The sprayer will be priced competitively with other acetone sprayers. Coval Concrete and Coval Concrete Primer, Coval Ultimate Top Coat (UTC), Coval Polished Concrete Sealer, Coval Vinyl and Coval Vinyl Primer are installed with an acetone sprayer.

Coval is sold at over 90 distributor locations in the United States, and over a dozen locations outside the U.S., including Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Israel. Coval will soon be available in the Middle East.

Coval Technologies’ coating products deliver outstanding stain resistance and exceptional hardness using nanotechnology, which simplifies application, streamlines cleaning, and makes maintenance more efficient.? Its protective coatings covalently bond to the substrate, and are single component, thin film, and UV stable.

Coval aims to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the coatings industry by eliminating harsh cleaning chemicals. For more information, visit