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DEWALT One-piece Steel HammersHand Tools

Hand Tools: DEWALT One-piece Steel Hammers

DEWALT's new One-piece Steel Hammers provide optimal weight distribution between the hammer head and handle, delivering a high velocity swing and strong impact.

The formidable 22 Ounce Framing Hammer, and the 20 Ounce and 16 Ounce Nailing Hammers boast features ideal for carpenters and framers. Forged from a single piece of steel, these hammers are designed to make hammering and framing easier without compromising power or efficiency.

The one-piece steel design solidifies the bond between the handle and the hammer head for a Guaranteed Tough swing. The solid one-piece steel design helps to prevent the hammer from breaking apart, which can occur with some multi-piece models.

These one piece steel hammers are precision balanced to reduce arm fatigue for maximum performance on the jobsite. The hammer head also features an oval shaped strike face designed to aid in toe-nailing.

The 22 Ounce Framing Hammer includes the DEWALT nail starter system for one-handed nail placement. The 22 Ounce Framing Hammer also features a checkered strike face that helps reduces the chance for nails to slip when struck. Each of the hammers has molded non-slip rubber handles for better grip and stability as well as a side nail puller for efficient nail pulling.

  • The 20 Ounce Nailing Hammer – model DWHT51054 – retails for approximately $27.97 and will be available in November at the Home Depot.
  • The 22 Ounce Framing Hammer – model DWHT51064 – retails for approximately $27.97.
  • The 16 Ounce Nailing Hammer – model DWHT51048 – retails for approximately $21.97.

Both the 16 Ounce Nailing Hammer and 22 Ounce Framing Hammer will be available in 2015.