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DEWALT Tool Connect Chip for Wireless Asset TrackingSafety

DEWALT Tool Connect Chip for Wireless Asset Tracking

DEWALT announces the TOOL CONNECT™ Chip (DCE042), a Bluetooth® beacon add-on, that allows tools to easily and wirelessly work with the Tool Connect™ System. The TOOL CONNECT™ System is designed to seamlessly track, assign and manage jobsite inventory to optimize productivity, saving time and budget.

Integrating the Chip adds tracking capabilities that are compatible with TOOL CONNECT™ Site Manager software, available for web and mobile, which adds, manages, and tracks inventory for jobsite visibility.

The TOOL CONNECT™ Chip can be installed in the designated pocket of Chip-Ready products to protect it from damage and is equipped with a blue identification light which helps locate and differentiate among identical tools.

The TOOL CONNECT™ Chip is currently compatible with the following products that are available now, with plans to expand to 15 additional DEWALT power tools within the next year.

  • ATOMIC Compact Series™ 20V MAX* Brushless Cordless 1-3/4-In. Bandsaw (DCS377)
  • 20V MAX* Brushless Hammer Drill with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ Technology (DCD999)
  • 20V MAX* Brushless 4-1/2-In.-5-In. Cordless Grinder with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ Technology (DCG416)
  • 20V MAX* Brushless Reciprocating Saw with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ Technology (DCS386)
  • 20V MAX* Brushless 7-1/4-In. Circular Saw with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ Technology (DCS573)
  • Select units within the ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage System

DEWALT also offers the TOOL CONNECT Tag (DCE041) which seamlessly integrates with 31 Tag-ready tools that are currently available, with several more in development. The TOOL CONNECT™ Tag (DCE041) also attaches to jobsite assets regardless of brand, make, or model, using screws, zip-ties, industrial tape, glue and new corded tool tags held in place by security screws.

The TOOL CONNECT™ Chip will be available where DEWALT products are sold mid-year 2021 for $15 MSRP. The TOOL CONNECT™ Tag is available now for $39 MSRP.

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