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ECCO ET0010 Roadside Warning KitsCords, Cables & Lights

ECCO ET0010 Roadside Warning Kits

ECCO, an industry-leader in safety solutions, announces three new product lines and significant upgrades to two popular lighting solutions.

Roadside and emergency responders are getting a highly adaptable lighting system to enhance on-scene safety and visibility. The rugged ET0010 Roadside Warning Kits come equipped with four rechargeable warning devices that emit nine flash patterns with 360° coverage.

Powered by a UN certified, lithium-ion battery, the warning devices can operate up to 12 hours on one charge. At the end of a shift, return the devices to their case and they will be fully charged in six hours. The kits are designed to work under the toughest conditions, where and when they are needed most.

The ED9040 is a powerful and versatile directional light that can be mounted on multiple platforms. The ED9040 features a compact, flush-mount design that wields six powerful LED heads with 26 (single-color) to 69 (dual-color) flash patterns available. Mount it on a bumper, a fender or on virtually any vehicle surface.

ECCO has added several new, shorter lengths for the popular 12+ Series Vantage™ Lightbars. Customers can now choose a customized, SAE I class lightbar from 24 to 72 inches. Even the smallest 24-inch lightbar features 360° coverage with 8 single- or dual-color LED heads. From light-duty vehicles to heavy equipment, the 12+ can be configured to meet any safety need.

Finally, there are two new work lights designed to confront the elements head on. The EW4008 and EW4009 are DOT certified and ideal for snowplow applications or any vehicle that regularly cuts through inclement weather. The EW4008 is a medium-duty, budget friendly set of headlamps that blast up to 2400 lumens with high beams. Its big brother, the EW4009, is the heavy-duty version and features heated lamps. With its smart sensor technology, the heat output automatically adjusts based on the ambient temperature.

ECCO lights are getting smarter and more efficient, which upholds a tradition of innovation that spans over 47 years. These lights, along with an extensive line of safety solutions, are backed by the ECCO Care promise that delivers world-class customer service on rigorously tested, performance-optimized products.