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EVERWIN MCN40 Compact Metal Connector Nail GunPower Nailers & Staplers

EVERWIN MCN40 Compact Metal Connector Nail Gun

Everwin Pneumatic Corp. introduces the MCN40 Joist Hanger Nail Gun, a nimble pneumatic tool with industrial-grade power. More compact than its competitors, the tool is able to drive nails into common construction lumber with ease.

The ergonomic MCN40 nailer fits effortlessly between 12” off-center joists, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and ideal for working overhead. Despite its compact design, the engine delivers enough power to cover common metal connector jobs.

Other features include a tool-free, 360 ̊ rotatable exhaust, a rotatable metal belt hook, and a safety trigger lock.

A dry-fire lockout on the nailer prevents blank firing, and a patented tool nose exposes each nail tip, acting as a guide-probe for quick, safe, precise placement into metal connection plate holes. An innovative Anti-KickbackTM pawl prevents nails from backing into the nose channel, this unique feature makes the MCN40 more precise and easier to aim than comparable tools.

With pinpoint accuracy and speed, the Everwin MCN40 joist hanger nailer drives 34 ̊collated nails, 1-1/2" (38~40 mm) long and .131~.148” (3.3~3.8mm) in diameter through metal hardware. Applications for the tool include fastening joist hangers, hurricane ties, foundation caps, and other metal framing hardware.

Key features on the EVERWIN MCN40:

  • Ergonomically designed and compact (10.3" H, 4.4 lbs.)
  • Compact engine fits between 12" O.C. joists
  • Patent-pending Anti-KickbackTM pawl
  • Patented mechanical retractable contact arm
  • Power to sink nails into common construction lumber
  • Sequential trigger with trigger lock
  • Rotatable metal belt hook
  • Rotatable exhaust directs blow-back away from the user
  • Dry-fire lockout prevents blank firing

“Like any other EVERWIN tool, the MCN40 is geared to take a beating and keep up with high- volume production. The development took us four years, as we went through rounds of destructive testing and structural reinforcement. This is a construction nailer with an industrial tool’s core,” says Charlie Lin, Global Sales Director at EVERWIN.

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EVERWIN was founded in 2012 by a group of American and Taiwanese pneumatic tool experts, each boasting decades of experience and success in the world of pneumatic fastening. They founded the company with one shared goal in mind— to “build a brand the fastening industry can rely on for consistency and efficiency”. EVERWIN quickly garnered recognition as a premier brand for industrial fastening tools.
With strong roots in the industrial market, EVERWIN has a different take on construction nailers and staplers from most price-driven manufacturers today; and with a touch of innovation, its 2017 and 2018 product introductions earned EVERWIN back-to-back Pro Tool Innovation Awards.