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FallTech FT-X Web SRLSafety

FallTech FT-X Web SRL

FallTech designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures lightweight, durable, ANSI-compliant, self-retracting lifelines. The new patent-pending 11' FT-X™ Web SRL is ANSI Class 1 rated for anchorage at or above dorsal D-ring.

In addition, FallTech authorizes its use for below D-ring tie-off up to five feet below without leading edge hazards, outside the scope of ANSI Z359.

The compact, extended-capacity energy absorber is rated for up to a 420 lb. worker and is protected by an abrasion-resistant cover.

Comprehensive fall clearance charts and tables are included inside the energy absorber cover for easy reference.
The design of the internal mechanism minimizes unintentional lockups to keep you moving freely with no interruptions.

The Dyneema lifeline provides ultimate durability with industry-proven strength.

Available with swivel eye, steel carabiner, and aluminum carabiner harness connectors and with steel snap hook, aluminum snap hook, or steel rebar hook leg-end connectors.