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FallTech UniDrive Rescue and Descent DeviceSafety

FallTech UniDrive Rescue and Descent Device

The FallTech UniDrive addresses rescue and descent challenges for at-height worksite conditions for construction job sites, construction cranes, cell towers, wind energy turbines, and more.

FallTech announces the launch of its new UniDrive Rescue and Descent device solution.

Designed for overhead anchoring and personal sternal attachment for self and assisted rescue operations, the UniDrive is a complete solution. It is available as a kit, either with a carrying bag or in a sealed barrel. The sealed barrel is ideal for providing a construction crane operator a means of escape and the security tag makes an annual inspection process a breeze.

"The UniDrive Rescue and Descent device meets the requirement for those responsible for safety and rescue to have a validated, tested, and proven rescue and descent solution," says Scott Miller, FallTech Vice President of Sales. "The versatile device delivers not only 150- and 300-foot self and assisted rescue and controlled descent escape solutions, but also provides vertical work lifting capabilities, too."

This Versatile Rescue and Descent device:

  1. Provides users with three modes of lift control - hand wheel, telescoping ratchet and power drill mode.
  2. Bi-directional design provides smooth shuttle operation.
  3. Equipped with centrifugal force brakes to ensure a safe constant descent speed.
  4. Kernmantle Rope lifeline resists moisture and abrasion for longer life.
  5. Lightweight forged aluminum connectors for lighter overall weight.

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