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Festool MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 Sanding Pads and AbrasivesAbrasives

Festool MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 Sanding Pads and Abrasives

Festool USA and Festool Canada just introduced a new sanding technology with the MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 pads and abrasives. MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 incorporates a unique interaction between intake and exhaust air.

The result of this design provides close to 100 percent dust extraction, increased longevity of abrasives, and dust removal extended out to the very edge of the pad and abrasive.

MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 is available in a variety of 150mm/6” pads, from ultra-soft to hard, and the grit range of the MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 abrasives is from P40 to P1800.
The MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 has an active dust conveying system. The optimized intake and exhaust air system increases suction power – even around the edges.

The patented channel structure with active dust transport ensures that the abrasive remains virtually dust-free for a longer period of time.

The high-temperature-resistant fastener enables the service life of the sanding pad to be significantly extended.

“The new MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 technology is a significant development for our original dust-free sanding solution,” says Leo Zirkler, Vice President of Marketing at Festool. “The result is virtually 100 percent dust extraction for a consistently high material removal rate, top surface quality, and an even healthier working environment.”

MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 features and benefits include:

  • Optimum extraction at maximum sanding performance - Effective dust extraction ensures that the fastener and abrasive remain dust-free for longer. The sanding effect remains high and the abrasive can therefore be used for longer.
  • Fastener resistant to high temperatures - The fastener is made from a material that is resistant to high temperatures and therefore extremely durable. The special hooks in the fastener ensure perfect adhesion of the abrasive.
  • Active dust conveying system - The optimized intake and exhaust air system increases suction power – even around the edges. For clean and healthy working.

For more information, please go to Festool USA or Festool Canada.