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Festool TS55 F Track SawPortable Electric Tools

Festool TS55 F Track Saw

Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered and durable power tool solutions, is releasing a suite of new offerings on March 25, 2022. The TS55 F Track Saw, Guide Rail System, OF 1010 R Router and updated Cleaning Sets and Hoses are built to empower professional tradespeople to build smarter, faster, and cleaner whether in the shop or on the jobsite.

“We understand the passion professional tradespeople have for their craft and the importance of having quality cuts for every project,” said Rick Bush, Product Marketing Manager, Festool.

“The next-generation of our Track Saw is the most significant upgrade we’ve made to date. When paired with the new accessories—guide rails, angle stop, connectors, etc.—the functionality is truly unmatched in the industry. We know these innovative offerings will deliver outstanding results.”

TS 55 F: Festool’s Masterpiece – Now Twice as Fast

Festool’s track saws embody absolute precision, high power and considerable durability. The TS 55 F Track Saw delivers excellent work results and a top-class sawing system—truly meeting every challenge. It offers the maximum cutting performance and quality including:

Perfect Cuts: New, ultra-thin saw blades drive faster work. The spring-mounted riving knife helps to prevent binding and promotes easier positioning when using it in an existing joint. The Fast Fix spindle stop allows users to change saw blades easily and the transparent, sliding viewing window ensures a clear blade path. The attachable splinter guard creates a splinter-free cut every time.

Maximum Flexibility: The 360° swiveling connection allows the suction unit to be adjusted to any working position. The preset bevels are set at 0° and 45° while undercuts are also possible -1° to 47°. The TS 55 F also features the highest flexibility in its segment, due to a flat housing, for a minimum wall distance of 1/2" (12 mm).

Improved Accessories: An updated set of guard rails and angle stop accessories create a complete system that drives the best cut performance. Festool’s accessories are unrivaled in the industry and can be used on all new and legacy products—enhancing usability across Festool’s entire systainer-based system.

Guide Rail System: Added Functionality Across the Rail

Invented by Festool in 1964, the original Guide Rail system has evolved once again with the addition of adhesive pads. The FS 1400/2-KP and FS 1900/2-KP Guide Rails allow users to make straight and precise cuts when carrying out horizontal work on floors or vertical applications on walls. Features include:

Secure Hold: Simple-to-install adhesive pads firmly mount on any surface including walls, counters and floors, to ensure straight, precise cuts. Plus, the adhesive pads are simple to remove — leaving no residue or damage behind.

Transportability: New integrated elongated slots in the Guide Rail body allow for the handle of a Systainer to pass through for easier transport of the Guide Rails.

Precise Angles & Grooves: Quickly attach the new Angle Stop to the guide rail for exact cuts. The 60° to +60° range can be set for repeatable accuracy and flexibility for a wide range of applications. The additional extension guide, with scale and adjustable flag stop, provide for fast and accurate repositioning for repeatable cuts.

Comfortable Connections: Available in lengths of 55" (1400 mm) and 75" (1900 mm), the new Guide Rails can be connected together via the New Guide Rail Connections, which boast a self-aligning function enabling long, straight and precise cuts. New and previous generations of Guide Rails can be connected making it quick and convenient to use multiple Guide Rails at once. Plus, the laser-engraving ensures that the two connectors are used in the correct order.

OF 1010 R Router: Festool’s Router, Refined

Festool’s class-leading Router is even better. The column clamps on both sides, which makes the router extremely torsion-resistant, leading to perfect routing every time.

Extremely Versatile: The OF 1010 is extremely versatile: Its wide variety of system accessories, such as Guide Stop, Template Bushings, Edge guide, Guide Rails and the LR 32-Hole Drilling Set means that its possible applications are virtually unlimited. In addition, it forms the perfect combination with Festool Mobile Dust Extractors for clean precise, time-saving work.

Extremely Precise: The Double-Sided Column Clamp makes the Router have extreme torsional rigidity, guaranteeing perfect routing results. Users have a clear view of the Routing Bit, ensuring results with absolute precision.

Extremely Easy to Handle: The routing depth can be adjusted to the nearest 1/256” (0.1 mm) in seconds. Router Bits can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the easy-to-access work area.

Updated Cleaning Sets/Hoses: Cleanliness – The Best Calling Card

When working in someone’s home or office, aside from doing a good job, cleanliness is the best way to leave a good impression. Festool helps tradespeople meet that need with its new cleaning sets and hoses. This extensive line of products means there’s a correct cleaning set for every application and every customer.

Supplementing Festool’s powerful lineup of Dust Extractors, the Standard Cleaning Set is perfect for confined spaces and on the floor. The Tradesman/Installer Cleaning Set is a universal cleaning set with a D36 suction hose for improved performance. The new Industrial Cleaning Set is for coarse dusts in the workshop and the Floor Cleaning Kit is perfect for floors by design — due to its wide nozzle and height-adjustable heads.

The TS 55 F is available in two options, including the Plunge Cut Track Saw TS 55 FEQ-F-Plus (576708) for $599 and the Plunge Cut Track Saw TS 55 FEQ-F-Plus-FS (577014) for $699. The Guide Rail Acessory Kit (includes 55” Guide Rails) (577157) retails for $299 and the OF 1010 R Router (576922) costs $499. Cleaning Sets are priced at:

  • Connecting Sleeve D27 (577162) – $31
  • Standard Cleaning Set D27/D36 (577257) – $100
  • Tradesman/Installer Cleaning Set D36 (577258) – $225
  • Industrial Cleaning set D50 (577260) – $175
  • Floor Cleaning Kit D36 (577259) – $319

Festool USA is based in Lebanon, Indiana. For more information, visit or