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Henry Blueskin VPTech Insulation Panels

Integrated Panel Controls Moisture and Airflow, Delivers Energy Efficiency and Cuts Install Time by 30%

Henry, a Carlisle Company, North America’s leader in building envelope products and solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Blueskin VPTech, an innovative new product for residential construction that delivers energy efficiency and labor savings in one integrated solution.

Blueskin VPTech combines a weather-resistive barrier (WRB), continuous insulation (CI), and seam sealing in a single, integrated panel, significantly improving energy efficiency, and reducing installation time and associated labor costs by up to 30%.

In an industry driven by increasingly stringent energy codes, demand for energy-efficient products, and faster construction cycles, Blueskin VPTech represents a first-of-its-kind innovation in building envelope solutions.

Featuring a lightweight 4’ x 8’ integrated panel that combines Henry’s Blueskin VP100 self-sealing and drainable weather-resistive barrier, Type II R5 graphite polystyrene (GPS) continuous insulation, and patent-pending vertical and horizontal seam-sealing overlays, each Blueskin VPTech panel fully seals against adjacent panels creating a uniform, continuous air barrier.

“Blueskin VPTech showcases Henry’s commitment to create new and better building envelope solutions,” said Jim Wueste, Vice President of Waterproofing at Henry. “Builders are continually looking for ways to work more efficiently and effectively while delivering energy-efficient homes that satisfy home buyer demand. By design, Blueskin VPTech addresses this need.”

By creating an airtight thermal envelope, Blueskin VPTech can help lower a home’s HERS® (Home Energy Rating System) Score and contribute to ENERGY STAR and Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program requirements. Independent blower door testing confirms a 73% reduction in air changes per hour, down to 1.5 ACH50, when installed in conjunction with an unvented attic with open cell spray foam.

Blueskin VPTech is set to change the way residential building contractors construct the building envelope, allowing builders to achieve insulation and weatherization in a single trip around the house. During trials with independent building contractors, Blueskin VPTech installed 30% faster compared to sheathing, continuous insulation and WRB installed as separate components. This advancement equates to labor savings and accelerated project timelines, effectively meeting the evolving demands of the industry.

“Under Carlisle's Vision 2030 strategy, the introduction of Blueskin VPTech marks a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation,” said Frank Ready, President, Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies. “This product aligns with our goals for increased energy efficiency and labor savings, embodying our vision to lead with solutions that are as sustainable as they are economically advantageous.”

Blueskin VPTech is covered by the Henry Standard Product Warranty, which protects against material defects. When used with approved Henry Flashing and Sealant products, Blueskin VPTech also qualifies for Henry’s 30-Year Residential Building Envelope System Warranty.

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