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Infinity X1 5,000-Lumen Dual Power FlashlightCords, Cables & Lights

Infinity X1 5,000-Lumen Dual Power Flashlight

The new Infinity X1 5000 Lumen Dual Power Focusing flashlight is durable enough to take abuse in the back of a work truck and it has two power options so you’ll never be caught with a dead flashlight battery again. Either plug in the flashlight to charge the reusable battery or swap it out for AA batteries.

In a pinch, the Infinity X1 5000 lumen flashlight can also be used as a portable charger to power a cell phone or other devices.

And the flashlight features a safety heat lock so if you set it down on a surface or the lens gets covered and the flashlight turns on while bouncing around the backseat you don’t have to worry about it burning or melting anything it's touching.


  • Three Lighting Modes
  • Heat Safety Lock
  • Twist To Focus Narrow to Wide
  • USB In and Out for Portable Power
  • Dual Power Rechargeable or Dry Cell Option

The Infinity X1 Dual Power Focusing Flashlight is now available at Costco in stores and online.