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KEY-BAK PRO ToolMate Link Tablet JacketSafety

KEY-BAK PRO ToolMate Link Tablet Jacket

Found the best tablet for construction and want to keep it secured while working on the job? This tablet Jacket can lead to saving you and your team thousands of dollars on replacement costs from dropped, broken, or lost devices.

The ToolMate Link Tablet Jacket deploys the latest in tablet technology and connected apps without the worry of falling objects becoming an OSHA recordable. The patented design fits almost any tablet and it's shockproof case and has been designed without using any zippers or straps that tend to fail when in use. Keep your expensive tablet(s) secured when in use and working at height, all while saving thousands on replacement costs from dropped, broken, or lost devices.


  • Clear wrap around cover allows full functions of tablet touch screen, cameras, and fingerprint readers
  • Industrial hand strap swivels to 2 different anchor points for easy setup to left or right-hand use
  • Cover keeps the screen dry for un-impeded use, even when wet (touch screens don't work well with wet fingers)
  • Certified to work with any ToolMate tool tether 2LB or higher
  • Purchase by itself or with the 3LB ToolMate Kit
  • Field-tested and proven in North Dakota and West Texas