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Lock Socket Three-Prong Electrical Cord LockSafety

Lock Socket Three-Prong Electrical Cord Lock

Lock Socket®, an innovative technology supplier of device charging and power cable or cord locking solutions, announces the debut of the new Lock Socket® Three-Prong Electrical Cord Lock.

Designed for use on sensitive equipment that needs to always remain plugged into a power source, the Lock Socket® Three-Prong Electrical Cord Lock can be used in healthcare settings, server rooms, classrooms, on construction job sites and other business settings. 

Easy to use and install, the Lock Socket® Three-Prong Electrical Cord Lock fits around standard size male electrical cord plugs. To install the lock, users simply remove the original outlet screw from the wall plate, plug in the cord, and then secure the Lock Socket® to the wall outlet using the proprietary security screw and provided Allen Key.  

The idea for Lock Socket® was born from founder Shaant Varjabedian’s frustration with losing his phone chargers around the house or when traveling. There was nothing on the market that satisfied his need to keep the chargers in place, so he created his own 3-D model and refined it to create the original Lock Socket® for phones and tablets.

“There are many situations when an electrical cord for a critical piece of equipment might accidentally be unplugged. Someone could trip on a cord, a new cleaning crew or third-party contractor might need access to an outlet, or an employee or visitor to a business might need to charge a phone and pull out a plug without realizing the repercussions,” said Shaant Varjabedian, Lock Socket founder. “This new device lock was created as a result of requests from technology and healthcare clients who have been searching for an easy solution to ensure that devices requiring power to operate 24/7 are not unplugged.”

Lock Socket® is also an ideal solution for businesses, health care facilities, sporting venues, schools, and more. Lock Socket® custom charger locks are used by technology companies and multiple healthcare institutions, including Edward-Elmhurst Medical Facility, Houston Methodist Medical Center, and Pavilion at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Lock Socket® Three-Prong Electrical Cord Lock is now available for $15.95. For more information and ordering, visit