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Makinex Powered Hand TruckLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Makinex Powered Hand Truck

Makinex Construction Products’ Powered Hand Truck replaces the need for a forklift and has the potential to cut shoulder and back injuries in the workplace by 34 percent.

The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg (309 pounds). It provides a quick and easy alternative to using a forklift or tailgate loader for small loads.

“Makinex is about making inefficiencies extinct, where the name itself comes from this driving force. Makinex strives towards continuous improvement by looking close at it’s business to find unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide the construction and rental industries with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money,” says CEO Rory Kennard, who plays an instrumental part in the design and development of many of Makinex’s products.

Makinex is an Australian owned private company that have been experts in the design, development and distribution of innovative products since 2004, providing solutions to the construction, landscaping, equipment hire, infrastructure and related industries.

With plans to expand the existing designed product range, growth in local and global markets with offices in Los Angeles, and a global dealer network and a commitment to ongoing research and development, Makinex is experiencing exponential growth, particularly in its own line of designed and manufactured products.

“We believe that ‘good enough’ is never enough for our customers,” says Kennard.

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