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Marley Engineered Products Infrared Heat Recessed Trim Kit

Marley Engineered Products (MEP), a leading choice among contractors for comfort heating and ventilation systems, has launched a new accessory for its line of infrared heaters to enhance comfort while providing unobstructed sightlines in occupant spaces.

The Agency Listed Recessed Trim Kit enables MEP’s infrared heaters to be recessed completely into a ceiling to reduce the intrusive nature of overhead heating units and improve the aesthetics of any space.

From high-end patios and hotel and lobby valet areas to other commercial spaces with overhangs, the accessory allows infrared heat to be used without the consequence of wind or inclement weather adversely affecting the heaters’ ability to provide hidden, comfortable and cozy heating.

“This Trim Kit is designed to provide a clean and finished look to heating installations while optimizing the performance of the heater,” explained Sharon Murphy, Senior Product Manager with Marley Engineered Products.

“Providing enhanced heating efficiency, noise reduction, space-saving advantages and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, among other benefits, it is a valuable addition to any commercial building that prioritizes occupant comfort while also providing freeze protection and snow melting.”

Ideal for indoor/outdoor, total or spot-heating use, MEP offers radiant heaters with two-element or three-element designs for flexible sizing and concentrated heat in a single infrared unit. The heaters optimize short-wave infrared heat – which heats objects instead of the air around the heater – through heavy-gauge gold anodized reflectors. These reflectors allow for more than 60 percent of heat to be generated while the heating element itself accounts for the other 40 percent – meaning high-performance heating is matched by energy efficiency.

“Our infrared heaters feature cost-saving benefits and technological advancements that make a huge impact – no matter the application,” added Murphy. “They offer the ease of installation contractors prefer and the warmth and dependability that their customers require to warm icy cold entryways and keep blustery winds at bay.”

To reduce handling and installation times, the Trim Kit package features single-carton packaging and a trim ring installation bracket. The trim ring is offered in a variety of colors to match ceilings and complement a building’s appearance.

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