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Metabo Launches metaBOX Case SystemTool Boxes

Metabo Launches metaBOX Case System

Metabo Corporation, a leading German international manufacturer of professional-grade cordless and corded hand-held power tools and accessories in the US, introduces their new metaBOX Case System.

Metabo’s new metaBOX cases are stackable, connectable and transportable. The cases protect against dirt and moisture and are high-impact resistant, supporting up to 270 pounds (Metabo does not suggest using them as a step stool).

The metaBOX cases can be easily stacked and locked together for storage or efficient transportation to the job site or shop. An additional benefit of the locking system; if the user needs to access a case located on the bottom of stacked (and locked metaBOX) cases, it can be opened and accessed without rearranging the cases or the upper cases toppling over.

A unique benefit and feature of the new metaBOX cases are that they are a UN certified dangerous good packaging for lithium-ion batteries greater than 100 watt-hours. The metaBOX cases meet all international regulations for the shipping of lithium-ion batteries.

Other features of the metaBOX cases include an insert specifically made to fit the tool with accessories for organization and ease of use. The cases have a carrying handle on the top and front for easier handling and maneuvering and high-quality latches, made to last the life of the case.

"The upgrade is a rolling change; as the current stock of tools supplied is depleted, the new metaBOX cases will be rolled out. In addition to the metaBOX case system, in early 2021, Metabo will offer two accessories to accompany the new case system; a roller board with lockable casters and a hand truck," said Terry Tuerk, Metabo's Senior Product Manager.