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Mikrofill Systems Mikrofill 3 Hydronic System Pressurization Unit 

The only technology of its kind, Mikrofill 3 eliminates the need for pumps and RPZ valves, saving energy and maintenance costs.

Mikrofill Systems Ltd. brings its time- and application-tested Mikrofill 3 hydronic system pressurization unit to the North American HVAC market. Originally unveiled in the mid-1990s in the United Kingdom, the product made its debut on this side of the Atlantic at the AHR Expo.

As a result, U.S. and Canadian mechanical engineers and contractors are now able to experience first-hand what their U.K. counterparts have known for the past quarter-century: that the unique Mikrofill 3 is the most advanced, “direct-type” pressurization unit available for sealed, low-pressure hot-water (LPHW) and chilled-water (CHW) commercial and multifamily residential applications.

Able to fill any heating or chilled water system from empty without the use of a pump, the product also delivers commercial backflow protection with no RPZ valves, while also providing comprehensive electronic pressure management.

The Mikrofill 3 has been tested and approved in accordance with ASSE LEC 2009-2021.

Fills any heating/chilled water system: Unlike conventional pressurization installs, the Mikrofill 3 connects directly to a commercial building’s incoming water supply (main or boosted), leveraging that line pressure to fill any heating or chilled water system — again, completely dispensing with a conventional circulating pump.

By eliminating the pump, the Mikrofill 3 not only helps building owner-managers avoid the expense and hassles of periodic maintenance, but it also saves them substantial energy costs.

The most energy-efficient unit of its kind, the Mikrofill 3 consumes only 30 watts per hour when filling a LPHW/CHW system and only 10 watts per hour when monitoring the system while on standby. That performance results in an energy savings more than 95 percent, compared with pump-type pressurization units.

Provides commercial backflow protection: The Mikrofill 3 integrates ASSE-approved (American Society of Sanitary Engineering), commercial backflow prevention, eliminating the need for RPZ (reduced pressure zone) valves to avoid contaminating a building’s potable water supply. Once the required system pressure is achieved, the internal solenoid valves default to the closed position. This automatic deactivation drains internal waterways, resulting in commercial backflow protection (Fluid Risk Category 4).

Delivers electronic pressure management: The Mikrofill 3 continuously monitors system inlet and operating pressures through a series of pre-commissioned sensors that automatically maintain system presets. By recognizing a change in cold-fill water pressure, these sensors open the Mikrofill 3 valves to top off the system, stopping the fill once the required pressure has been reached.

This comprehensive electronic pressure management protects the system and the building by alerting owner-management to potential issues and providing leak and flood protection:

  • Small leaks will prompt continual topping off. Once a preset number of refills has been reached (say, 25 refills over a 24-hour period), the integral color-screen display on the top-front side of the Mikrofill 3 will indicate a problem.
  • Larger leaks may prevent proper replenishment. If the Mikrofill 3 does not detect the expected pressure increase over a preset period, the unit will shut down to prevent further water damage.
  • In the case of catastrophic leaks, the Mikrofill 3 will quickly close off the main water supply to prevent further damage.

The fill rate for the Mikrofill 3 is 3.8 gallons per minute, based on an incoming pressure of 30 pounds per square inch (psi). The built-in fill volume indicator aids water-treatment calculation.

The base requirement is a water-supply pressure 4.5 psi greater than the cold-fill requirement. For example, a cold-fill requirement of 22 psi would need a main-supply pressure of 26.5 psi to completely fill or top off the system. Maximum inlet pressure is 100 psi, allowing a maximum cold-fill pressure of 95.5 psi.

Plug-and-play installation: The wall-mounted Mikrofill 3 weighs only 11 lb. and measures 9¾ inches wide x 10½ inches high x 4½ inches deep. This compact design facilitates installation by a single, trained technician. No onsite commissioning by the manufacturer is required.

“The ready-to-install Mikrofill 3 is essentially plug-and-play,” says Mikrofill Managing Director Dominic West. “The product’s highly innovative approach to monitoring and maintaining hydronic systems has served the commercial mechanical market in the U.K. exceptionally well for more than 25 years. We see no reason why it cannot do the same in North America.”

For more information on the Mikrofill 3 or technical assistance, visit or telephone 312.761.5826.