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Milwaukee ShockWave Impact Duty Lug Nut Wheel SocketsHand Tools

Milwaukee ShockWave Impact Duty Lug Nut Wheel Sockets

Milwaukee Tool continues to innovate their SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ sockets line-up with the addition of their SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ ½ Drive Lug Nut Wheel Sockets.

Designed for tire installations and removals, the Lug Nut Wheel Sockets feature the most durable, non-marring sleeve to protect rims during tire changes while ensuring the durability of the sleeve.

The SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ ½ Lug Nut Wheel Sockets are designed with an ARMOR-GUARD™ sleeve, made of a premium, durable plastic covering for lasting protection.

This feature protects against crackling or shredding, which is a common frustration mechanics and automotive technicians experience during wheel installations and removals.

The sleeves are color-coded gray and red to distinguish between metric and SAE sizing and include stamped, ink-filled markings on the socket for easy size identification.

The sockets also have a plastic insert, preventing the lug nut from marring while being used. Constructed with thin walls, the sockets are optimized for users to access the tight spaces around lug nuts.

Optimized for use with 1/2" drive impact wrenches, drivers, and adapters, the sockets feature a dual-hole design and ring groove for easy socket attachment and removal from the tool. These new lug nut wheel sockets meet ASME industry standards* for thin wall sockets to ensure proper fit to the fastener.

Milwaukee Tool is committed to providing users with power tool accessory solutions that save time and increase productivity on the jobsite. Through its investment in enhancing socket design and overall functionality, the company continues to lead and drive innovation in the fastening category by delivering the longest-lasting and most versatile accessories available.

*In compliance with ASME B107.110-2019 for 1/2" Drive Thin Wall Sockets.


1/2 Drive 3pc Lug Nut Socket Set 49-66-7830 $39.99
1/2 Drive 5PC Lug Nut Socket Set 49-66-7831 $59.99
1/2 Drive 9pc Lug Nut Socket Set 49-66-7832 $104.99
1/2 Drive 11pc Lug Nut Socket Set 49-66-7833 $129.99
1/2 Drive 17mm Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7802 $17.99
1/2 Drive 19mm Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7804 $17.99
1/2 Drive 21mm Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7806 $17.99
1/2 Drive 22mm Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7807 $18.99
1/2 Drive 23mm Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7808 $18.99
1/2 Drive 3/4 Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7810 $17.99
1/2 Drive 13/16 Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7811 $18.99
1/2 Drive 7/8 Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7812 $18.99
1/2 Drive 15/16 Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7813 $18.99
1/2 Drive 1" Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7814 $18.99
1/2 Drive 1-1/16 Lug Nut Socket 49-66-7815 $19.99