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Mobile Create USA Digital 2-Way Radios with GPS Tracking

Mobile Create IP Radios will provide crystal clear 2-way communication from coast-to-coast. 

Mobile Create radios have GPS tracking integrated into each device. This means customers only deal with one monthly bill for both radio and GPS service, which reduces communication and tracking cost for a business operation.

The equipment and platform service are user friendly; setup and installation require very little time. Since the platform works in a data environment over existing cellular networks, IP Radios do not require an FCC License.

Also, Mobile Create USA offers affordable month-to-month rental plans which helps a business avoid the huge up-front capital expenditure to upgrade the existing fleet with new radios and service.

Platform Features:

  • Digital 2-Way Radio with Integrated GPS Tracking -
  • Connect Coast-to-Coast in the United States -
  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality -
  • Configurable Talk Settings: 1:1, All Talk, Dispatcher -
  • Group and Channel Setting: up to 50 Groups and 9,999 Channels -
  • Powered by Mobile Create Servers -
  • Web Based Fleet Manager with Messaging, Real Time Location Updates & Work Status -
  • Easy and Affordable

Product Info:

Contact Info: Mobile Create USA, Inc Office: Santa Ana, California



Phone: (408) 933-9588