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Omega E-FX Admix Efflorescence Reducing AdmixtureAdhesives, Sealants & Coatings

Omega E-FX Admix Efflorescence Reducing Admixture

Omega Products International, maker of stucco, tile & stone installation products, and Venetian decorative plaster, has delivered a product designed to help reduce efflorescence and improve the performance in approved cement-based stucco products.

E-FX Admix offers long lasting protection from the elements while retaining the surface's natural appearance and vapor permeability. Efflorescence is the unwanted staining caused by salt deposits borne through moisture. The unsightly whitish stains are a cosmetic issue found on the surfaces of masonry, concrete, or stucco.

By adding E-FX Admix to fog coat, stucco, or similar products, applicators will greatly reduce the appearance of efflorescence.

"Efflorescence can happen in virtually any moist environment," said Karine Galla, Product Line Marketing Director at Omega Products. "With E-FX Admix, you can protect your exterior finish against efflorescence by simply adding it to the mixture prior to application. We recommend using it in all new residential and commercial construction projects. It is a cost-effective solution for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of stucco."

Among the benefits of using E-FX Admix:

  1. it reduces the frequency and quantity of efflorescence,
  2. helps improve durability during freeze-thaw cycles; thereby strengthening substrate life and reducing maintenance costs,
  3. improves color vibrancy and pigment efficiency,
  4. comes in a pre-measured bottle that only has to be added to the mixture prior to application,
  5. it will not alter the natural look of the selected finish, and
  6. allows substrate to naturally breathe.

Omega Products International is among the leading stucco manufacturers in the country. It also develops tile and stone installation products for its Siena division, and its Valentino brand is among the finest Venetian decorative plaster found in the U.S.