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OmegaLight LED High Bay FixturesCords, Cables & Lights

OmegaLight LED High Bay Fixtures

The pinnacle of efficiency. The ultimate in versatility. Designed to perfectly match supply to demand for maximum efficiency with programmable LED. Replace virtually any high bay or low bay fixture in a facility with OmegaLight and reduce wattage by more than half with increased light.

A single 180W will cost-effectively replace what required 240W to accomplish just 6 months ago. Successfully deployed at heights exceeding 80ft. replacing 1000W HID and still delivering more light. Fixture design easily accommodates existing infrastructure and multiple branch circuit input power configurations.

Eliminate confusion of deciding which LED fixture is right for an application. With an OmegaLight fixture, easily replace anything from a 2-lamp T12 fluorescent up to a 1000W HID metal halide. Universally applicable across most industries. Satisfies dynamic space utilization requirements demanded by commercial/industrial operators.

Easy-to-use wireless programming on a per fixture basis. Using Genius® wirelessly programmable (via hand-held interface) sensor system, typically reduce operating costs more than 80% without compromise.

Digital sensor, so end-user can easily modify sequence of operations re: daylight harvesting, occupancy, and time-of-day scheduling. IoT ready. Power available at the fixture for accessories such as video cameras.

OmegaLight is technology that delivers on the promise of solid-state lighting to be responsive to the user’s needs as they change.