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PoreShield Concrete Durability Enhancer

PoreShield™ (SME-PS) is excited to announce its participation in World of Concrete 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees will be able to learn about PoreShield, a new and revolutionary concrete durability enhancer, in the United Soybean Board (USB) Booth C 5462. PoreShield will also be featured in the New Product Zone.

“PoreShield is not a coating, but is instead absorbed deep below the concrete surface to protect concrete from within,” said Paul Imbrock, technical lead for PoreShield.

“This cutting-edge, renewable and sustainable technology has proven, powerful performance protecting and preserving new and existing concrete infrastructure including PCCP joints, highways, bridges, buildings, pipes and walkways throughout the nation.”

At World of Concrete, attendees can visit the USB Booth C 5462 and watch two brand new videos. One shows how PoreShield protects concrete joints from premature damage and deterioration, while the other demonstrates how PoreShield is safe and easy-to-apply, requiring no PPE for application.

PoreShield provides protection from coastal salt and moisture damage, as well as deicing and freeze/thaw damage. In fact, university and Department of Transportation research studies demonstrate that PoreShield extends the life of concrete by five-to-nine times and reduces calcium oxychloride formation by 90 percent. PoreShield also exceeds ASTM standard tests for freeze/thaw, salt scaling and fluid/ion ingress.

At greater than 93% bio-content, PoreShield is a safe and cost-competitive choice for concrete protection that provides numerous environmental and public health benefits. PoreShield is non-toxic and is safe to use over waterways, and it does not pose any GHS hazards, such as respiration, organ, eye or skin damage. By replacing traditional toxic products, PoreShield reduces VOCs by 83 to 93%, further reducing carbon dioxide emission impacts.

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