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Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough WipesSafety

Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough Wipes

Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough Wipes are uniquely designed to work on surfaces, tools and equipment with a waterless and exclusive biodegradable formula. Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough Wipes are professional-grade (heavy duty) and provide deep-cleaning results not available with conventional solvents and cleaners.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough Wipes do not contain harsh citrus solvents or alcohols, and also don’t contain pumice that can scratch or leave debris behind; the dual-textured material is non-scratching and traps dirt and grime within the wipe. 

Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough Wipes contain natural beeswax and emollients and are powerful enough to remove epoxies, grease, oil, dirt, ink, resins, paint and more. Rhino Carbon Fiber Tough Wipes are the perfect surface, tool and equipment cleaning solution to keep by your side on your next project!

Rhino Carbon Fiber is an industry leader in concrete crack repair and structural strengthening, providing strong, efficient and easy-to-use products! Rhino Carbon Fiber continues to innovate, creating cost and labor effective concrete repair and strengthening solutions for residential and commercial applications.