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SENCO Impact-Rated DuraSpin BitsDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

SENCO Impact-Rated DuraSpin Bits

SENCO is introducing impact-rated bits for its DuraSpin auto-feed screw systems.

Manufactured from high-grade tool steel tempered with a custom heat treatment, impact-rated bits are designed to reduce breakage and extend bit life up to 5x longer than standard bits used in high torque metal-to-metal applications such as steel decking, hat channel, wall panel construction, resilient channel, metal truss assembly, window framing and aluminum extrusions.

SENCO’s impact bit narrows just above the hex shank to absorb excess torque and impact energy that would otherwise transfer to the tip causing it to fracture.

A variety of bits including #2 Phillips, #2 square, and Rex Drive in sizes ranging from 7-3/4” to 9” long are offered for the full range of DuraSpin tools.

SENCO Duraspin auto-feed screw systems reduce installation time by eliminating the need to load fasteners individually. Impact rated bits will help increase productivity by reducing time lost replacing fractured tips. SENCO impact-rated bits are available in 25-piece bulk packages.