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Simpson Strong-Drive PPHD Sheathing-to-CFS screwDrywall & Decking Screws

Simpson Strong-Drive PPHD Sheathing-to-CFS screw

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced the Strong-Drive® PPHD Sheathing-to-CFS screw, a multipurpose, self-drilling, pilot point screw suitable for attaching sheathing, drywall, or subflooring to cold-formed steel framing.

Designed as an update to the existing PPSD Sheathing-to-CFS screw, the PPHD features a larger #5 pilot point with a longer flute and comes in popular #8 sizes. In addition, the fastener has buttress threads and a new dog-eared point for improved drilling performance through sheathing and metal.

PPHD screws can be purchased in bulk quantities for hand-drive applications or collated for auto-feed driving with the Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® PRO300SG2, PRO250G2, and PRO200SG2 auto-feed screw driving systems. The fasteners are also available in two levels of corrosion resistance — the Quik Guard coating is suitable for a wide variety of exterior applications and the yellow-zinc coating is for dry-service and low-corrosion environments.

“The new PPHD screws provide contractors with a versatile, multipurpose solution for fastening sheathing, drywall, and subflooring to cold-formed steel,” says Simpson Strong-Tie product manager Galen Longley. “The improved pilot point and fine, 17-thread-per-inch design are ideal for faster, more secure driving, particularly when used in conjunction with Quik Drive auto-feed driving systems.”

Available in a #8 x 1 15/16"; #10 x 1 3/4", 11 5/16" and 3"; and #12 x 1 3/4" sizes, the PPHD Sheathing-to-CFS screws have a 6-lobe recess for secure driving and can be used as prescribed by code for shearwalls and diaphragms as set forth in AISI S240 and AISI S400.

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