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Simpson Strong-Tie MTWS Mass Timber Washer StrapHangers

Simpson Strong-Tie MTWS Mass Timber Washer Strap

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced the MTWS mass timber washer strap as a versatile, off-the-shelf, load-tested option for a variety of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel-to-panel and panel-to-steel connections in mass timber construction.

First introduced in the 1990s, CLT and other mass timber products provide the enhanced rigidity necessary for creating larger and taller wood-framed buildings. Recognized as a green building product for its ability to sequester carbon, mass timber is proliferating as specifiers seek sustainable structural building materials and builders embrace the efficiency and reduced waste of factory-based construction solutions.

Mass timber projects can utilize a hybrid of structural materials, and often require strap and holdown connections with two to three times the capacity of light-frame connections. The new MTWS washer strap is engineered for the high strength and stiffness required by these higher-load applications while using 10% to 20% fewer fasteners, providing productivity and efficiency on the jobsite and eliminating the need for custom fabrication of steel connector straps.

“The MTWS washer strap from Simpson Strong-Tie provides a pre-engineered, tested solution to replace expensive, shop-fabricated steel plates while providing maximum versatility on the jobsite,” says Randy Daudet, director of Global Offsite Construction at Simpson Strong-Tie. “The use of inclined screws and washers reduces the number of fasteners needed to achieve load, which helps boost productivity for mass timber contractors who are seeing a proliferation of projects even as the labor pool remains tight.”

Backed by a robust inventory and distribution system, along with first-rate service, support, and training, the MTWS mass timber washer strap will allow for design flexibility while enabling mass timber projects to be built stronger, faster, and more easily than ever.

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