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Stanley FATMAX Anti-Vibe 2-Piece HammersHand Tools

Hand Tools: Stanley FATMAX Anti-Vibe 2-Piece Hammers

Stanley introduces two new FATMAX Anti-Vibe 2-Piece Hammers representing the newest generation of Anti-Vibe technology. Vice President of Innovation Christopher Woolley said, “This new iteration of Anti-Vibe technology has built upon a decade of engineering. These new Hammers and Sledge Hammers are our best yet."

Each hammer is constructed of a two-piece steel core to isolate vibration versus 1-piece steel framing hammers to the hammer head and reduce vibrations transferred to the user.

Additionally, the two-piece design isolates more shock waves to the hammer’s head than a one-piece design. The steel core is wrapped in multiple layers of dampening materials, and a shock absorbing collar between the head and the handle further isolates vibrations to the head.

The hammers feature black exposed steel under the head, which provides over-strike protection, to help prevent damage to the hammer body if the handle accidentally strikes a surface.

The 17-ounce Framer Hammer – model FMHT51244 – features a checkered face design to reduce slipping off of nails when striking compared to a smooth face hammer. It also features a magnetic nail starter for one handed nail placement.

The 14-ounce Nailer Hammer – model FMHT51249 – features a smooth face.

Both hammers are available at mass retailers, home centers, and in the independent channel. The 17oz Framing Hammer retails for approximately $39.99 and the 14oz Nailing Hammer retails for approximately $34.99.