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Talon Tools USA Stud Master EZ Framing Speed Tool 

Talon Tools USA, a Tulsa based manufacturer, has launched a speed framing product line designed to be a true time saver for framing professionals, DIY homeowners, inspectors, etc.  These products are 100% Made in USA in Northeast Oklahoma.

Talon Tools is revolutionizing the house framing market with the StudMaster 12, 16 and 24.  

  • The Stud Master aligns and sets studs to a perfect 12, 16 or 24 inch spacing on centers to meet the standard specifications for modern building construction.  
  • The Stud Master is made from a tough aluminum casting to ensure long, reliable use in conditions where the tool could be either dropped from heights or other items fall on it in the process of framing a building, barn, garden shed or backyard deck.
  • If the framer accidentally shoots a nail directly into the Stud Master tool, the tool is tough enough to withstand any damage.
  • Rugged cast aluminum construction of the Stud Master can help twist a warped 2x4 board into proper place for nailing.  
  • The Stud Master 24 can help align the roof trusses so they are perfectly spaced for 4x8 sheets.
  • The Stud Master can be used as a “quick check tool” to ensure wall, roof and deck framing is properly spaced prior to nailing or screwing up 4’x8’ plywood or sheetrock panels.  


  • SAVE TIME:  The Stud Master ® has been proven to reduce framing time by up to 47%.
  • PRECISION MEASUREMENT:  Our patented design slides studs right into place to ensure perfect framing every time.
  • EASY TO USE:  Even the NEW guy can frame fast and accurately using the Stud Master instead of using a tape and pencil.
  • CAST ALUMINUM:  100% solid cast aluminum for maximum durability