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Trend Air-Stealth P3 Half MaskSafety

Trend Air-Stealth P3 Half Mask

A new generation P3(R) half mask has been introduced by Trend with a low profile design that offers less breathing resistance and better filter efficiency of 99.99%. The mask offers maximum respiratory protection for the construction and woodworking industries.

It will protect against airborne particles, oil aerosols, mists, welds and fumes. The unit is supplied with a pair of replaceable HEPAC (High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite) media filters that provides optimal efficiency in both humid and non-humid environments.

The low profile compact design has grills to protect the filters and a downward facing exhalation valve to reduce misting of safety glasses. The large non-return valve offers low breathing resistance.

An integral sample port and plug on the mask allows non-destructive quantitative face fit test fitting. The one-piece strap is easily adjusted and has a quick release clip fastener.

The half mask can also be used for metalwork, agriculture, silica dust, glass fibre, stonemasonry/slate and ceramics.

The AIR STEALTH is available in two sizes small/medium and medium/large, and is supplied with a storage bag. Accessories in include a plastic storage box and nuisance filters.


  • New generation of half mask ergonomically designed with low profile design.
  • Offers less breathing resistance.
  • Better filter efficiency.
  • Less clogging pressure and inward leakage.
  • Approval P3 (R) APF20 X WEL (UK). APF10 USA
  • P3 filter 99.99% airborne particles.
  • Exhalation valve moved to bottom of face piece, ensuring no exhalation fumes steam or fog of any glasses/visors
  • Protective grill covers 100% of filter service area.
  • Grill protects filter from moisture and particulates, ensuring it performs better in clogging pressure and filtration efficiency.
  • Unique integral sample port and plug to allow non-destructive face fitting
  • Large non-return exhaust valve.
  • Single piece head and neck strap with quick and easy pull back method strap mechanism for easy fitting and removal, with neck clip lock, providing more hygienic method when removing.
  • Manufactured from high-grade materials, odour free, non-allergenic. TPE mask body is latex and silicone free.
  • Twin HEPAC (High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite) pleat encapsulated design filter provides 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 micron and above.
  • Sample port to allow non-destructive quantitative face fit test fitting.
  • Lightweight 131g.
  • EN & CE certified. NIOSH approved (TBA).
  • Nominal Protection Factor (NPF) 48. Maximum external concentration up to 48 x TLV (threshold Limit Value)
  • Sizes of mask Small/Medium and Large.
  • Spare filters sold in pairs.
  • Accessory heavy-duty storage case accessory with strap.