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Wanco WALi Compact Light TowerCords, Cables & Lights

Wanco WALi Compact Light Tower

Wanco Inc. announces the release of its “next generation” compact light tower, with features designed specifically for safety and better operating costs. With the WALi Compact you can fit up to 18 units on a single truck allowing significant shipping savings per unit—further taking up less room around the yard and or the job site.

Best-in-class features include the largest fuel tank, tallest tower available and safest light adjustment from the ground. The Wanco Compact Light Tower is engineered to last, with durable components that include an all-welded structural steel frame, the only steel cabinet in its class, and a unique safety dual-pulley system that lifts each tower section from the bottom creating a more reliable weight-balanced load thus improving safety and durability.

Further performance enhancing options include the brightest LED fixtures in its class, various cold-weather packages, low dB levels, multiple engine options and an automated dusk-to-dawn control system that allows the light tower to turn itself on and off without an operator.

“This really is everything you could want in a compact light tower,” said Kevin Ferguson, Wanco Product Manager. “It has a smaller footprint, taller tower, longer run time, and much lower tongue-weight than other compact light towers. You only need one person to move the unit around in the yard and can adjust the lights from the ground, without a step, making it the safest light tower in its class. It is better built and much heavier duty to last longer than the competition. It addresses just about every request customers have made for a new next generation compact model.”

With unique features, dependable performance, and the high quality that customers expect from a leading brand, the new Wanco Compact Light Tower is impressively unlike any others.

Since 1984, Wanco has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality and easy-to-use portable safety equipment for industries such as traffic safety, law enforcement, commercial construction, oil and gas, and mining.

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