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ZipWall ZipDoor Magnetic Door KitSafety

ZipWall ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit

ZipWall® introduces the ZipDoor® Magnetic Door, its most versatile door kit. The new magnetic door can be used for sealing a doorway or creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier. It is quick and easy to set up with ZipWall double-sided tape, specially designed not to damage the doorframe. Powerful magnets ensure the door maintains a tight seal while providing easy access. The magnetic door panel is flame retardant and fully reusable.

The ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit is ideal for both residential and commercial dust containment applications. Sealing a doorway up to 46”x86” takes just a minute and creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier is easy too. Simply make a doorframe with duct tape and attach the magnetic door panel to your newly created doorframe.

The ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit comes in a sturdy, reusable box and contains one self-closing magnetic door panel, three rolls of 1"x24' double-sided tape for four installations, and a special ZipWall plastic sheeting cutter. The magnetic door panel is made of high-tech fabric impervious to dust and features a clear plastic window. It can be folded and stored in its original box for future jobs.

"Every site needs a door solution, and our new ZipDoor Magnetic combines all our customers' favorite features into one perfect door kit," said Jeff Whittemore, President and CEO of ZipWall LLC. "ZipWall double-sided tape makes installation a breeze, leaves no damage on the doorframe, and easily peels off so the door panel can be reused again and again. Customers also rave about the convenience of our magnetic closure and with this door, they can enjoy it on their barriers and doorframes alike!”

The ZipWall Dust Barrier System is a fast and efficient dust protection solution for remodeling and restoration. Used with plastic sheeting, ZipWall spring-loaded poles create temporary dust barrier walls up to 20 feet high in minutes without ladders, tape or damage. Eco-friendly ZipFast™ panels may be used as an alternative to plastic sheeting on barriers up to 12 feet high. The system includes accessories to create entries in the barrier, seal off doorways, form a tight seal along the edges, and prevent tracking of dust out of the work area.

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