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Conntek 25-Foot Locking Generator CordCords, Cables & Lights

Cables & Lights: Conntek 25-Foot Locking Generator Cord

Generator cords are required to provide secure electrical connections. This ensures safe and steady power is supplied even when the cord is unintentionally pulled or stepped on. Conntek's 25' four-prong Generator Extension Cord is reliable and convenient in many transfer switch and generator applications.

Offering maximum power of up to 7,500W, this grounding cable stays flexible in cold weather. It's also heat resistant up to 221°F.

Bright yellow to provide maximum visibility, Conntek's Generator Extension Cord offers a reliable locking feature. With a turn of the collar, it locks. The cord won't detach from a generator or second cable until the collar is twisted to its original position.

This STW 10/4 cable meets NEMA standards L14-30P to L14-30R. Both plug and connector comply with UL and C-UL. Conntek's series of locking generator extension cords also includes SJTW grade 10' and 20' models as well as 50', 75' and 100' cables. Users should note that any cable longer than 50' becomes de-rated to 25 amps.

Conntek's 25' Locking Generator Cord has a price of $89.99 and comes with a limited one-year warranty.

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