STAFDA News, June 2009

The Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) continues to offer members a number of educational opportunities in a variety of formats.


Mike Foster, Foster InstituteContinuing its line of business manuals, STAFDA has signed on business systems expert Mike Foster, of the Foster Institute, and STAFDA’s Insurance Consultant, Doug Austin, Sentry Insurance, to research and write a book on disaster preparedness to be released in the fall. It will be a critical reference while getting the business up and running again.

This new training manual joins Greg Gorman’s upcoming STAFDA Showroom Design & Merchandising Workbook in continuing the trilogy of training manuals STAFDA has introduced the past few years: Counter Pro, Sales Pro and Foundations of a Business.

Foster’s portion of the book will address a company’s “business continuity plan” with subtopics including: critical products; services & operations; critical phone numbers; disaster response checklist; employee contact list;
equipment/machinery/vehicle evacuation; facility shutdown; hazard mitigation; hazardous materials; hurricane tracking; maps; impact analysis; initial damage assessment; key supplier/vendor information; planning preparation; record preservation; recovery; shelter; vital records; voice/data communications; vulnerability survey and more.

Doug Austin, Sentry InsuranceAustin will cover what to do after a disaster strikes your business and how to anticipate the types of questions insurance adjusters will ask. His section will also cover safety and liability related issues that companies can put in place to ward off potential lawsuits. A core component to Sentry’s business is the distribution channel and Austin has a thorough understanding of the STAFDA market.


During its 33rd Annual Convention & Trade Show, November 8-10, in Atlanta, STAFDA will offer attendees four business educational workshops on Sunday
afternoon, November 8:

Greg Gorman Greg Gorman will discuss the research he conducted in writing STAFDA’s Design & Merchandising book. He visited a number of STAFDA distributors this year to see a wide range of showroom layouts. During his presentation, he will highlight the good, bad and ugly of showroom design and how members can achieve a startling transformation without breaking the bank.   

All successful businesses have structured plans for marketing their products.

Dan McQuistonDan McQuiston will tackle “Creating a Winning Marketing Plan” during his presentation. Firms without a well-thought marketing plan are doomed to minimal success or failure. McQuiston will outline his 10-Step Marketing Plan that all firms, large and small, can implement to increase their chances for success.  




Robert StevensonRobert Stevenson will discuss “How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full
of Turkeys.” He’ll site several examples of people being turkeys – those arrogant, over-bearing, demanding and obnoxious customers, bosses, associates and relatives. Then he’ll provide practical ways on how to deal with them, covering topics such as handling stress, accepting change, appreciating criticism, and principles for a well-balanced life.



Steve StraussIn this struggling economy, it takes strong tactics to survive – let alone grow your business. Steve Strauss’ presentation, “Small to Big,” will outline growth strategies, goal setting and achieving, creating a great team and more. He will also discuss creating multiple profit centers by adding products or services, possible new locations and finding and tapping new markets. He’ll also teach attendees how to create a team committed to company goals.

You must be a STAFDA member to participate in its Annual Convention & Trade Show. For more information on these programs and STAFDA membership, please contact Catherine Usher, Member Services Director, at 800/352-2981, e-mail her at, or visit STAFDA’s Web site,