Posted October 2, 2023

Evergreen Supply Network Announces Search for next Chief Executive Officer

New leadership journey begins for flourishing member-owned cooperative. 

The Board of Directors of the Evergreen Supply Network is opening the search for a new Chief Executive Director (CEO).

Speaking on behalf of the Evergreen Supply Network, Board Chairman Jonathan Miller commented, “It’s our (Board of Directors) privilege to embrace this change, respond to it positively, and maximize the opportunity we have in front of us. The powerful network we have today is a result of determined, forward minded individuals that worked to get us here. We look forward to identifying our next leader to expand upon the standard which grounds our roots.”

The Evergreen Supply Network Board of Directors is actively recruiting potential candidates to fill this position. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our operations, including Board of Directors engagement, supplier relations, member management, program development and business management.

This role requires strong leadership, strategic thinking, and a commitment to achieving our organizational goals. Ideal candidates will be hands-on, detail-oriented and collaborative in nature.

Please find more information about the position and a full job description here.

Evergreen Supply Network is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential for growth under new leadership. The company remains committed to its mission to increase the profitability and market share of both members and preferred suppliers through a comprehensive marketing and training partnership.

About the Evergreen Supply Network:

The Evergreen Supply Network is a member-owned cooperative founded in 1989 by six construction/industrial supply distributors. It currently consists of 47 distributors with more than 370 locations in the United States and has combined revenues of more than $4.5 billion dollars.

The group is focused on driving growth and profitability of its Members and Preferred Suppliers through an on-going program of training & education, business development and partnering. Evergreen maintains a state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot training center in Farmer’s Branch, Texas and offers the industry’s only professional certification program for distributor sales and operations people.

Evergreen Members are the leading distributors of tools, fasteners, concrete accessories, and other construction/industrial products.