Cooper Tools Receives Do it Best “Member’s Choice” Award

Campbell Chain, Cable, and Accessories win for Best New Program


Cooper Tools retail displayThe new offering of Campbell chain accessory displays won a “Member’s Choice” award for Best New Program at the Do it Best Fall Market held in Indianapolis. Only ten Member’s Choice awards are given out at the market, with winners determined by Do it Best member voting.

The Campbell program consists of 15 new display assortments, featuring everything from Grade 70 forged grab hooks to die cast zinc, stainless steel, and bronze industrial grade snaps. Displays are color coded according to product type and rating – light, medium, and heavy duty – and complement Campbell’s chain and cable offerings. Each assortment has just two SKUs per peg, minimizing total investment while maintaining a wide selection and making it easy for retailers to customize their offering to match their market.

“We’ve had a tremendously positive response to these new displays,” said Bob Pjevach, VP Global Marketing. “Retailers are looking for ways to reduce their inventories without sacrificing selection, and these displays seem to have really hit the mark.”

The new Campbell chain accessory display program is part of a wide selection of Campbell chain and chain accessory products and product displays. Round pail, square pail, and reel assortment endcap displays, Lozier based and free-standing displays, prepackaged chain and cable, and open stock chain and chain accessories are all available to retailers.