Construction, teen jobs hurting most

Almost a quarter of construction workers and more than a quarter of teenagers are unemployed nationwide.

December figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show the national unemployment rate held steady at 10 percent. But the jobless rates for the struggling construction industry, as well as for teenagers and minorities, outpaces the national average, according to BLS.

The jobless rates for various industries and demographics:

  • Teenagers: 27.1 percent
  • Construction workers: 22.7 percent
  • Farm workers: 19.7 percent
  • Blacks: 16.2 percent
  • Single moms: 13 percent
  • Hispanics: 12.9 percent
  • Men: 10.2 percent
  • Women: 8.2 percent 

At the top of the market economy, managers and professional workers have a lower national jobless rate: 4.6 percent.


Source: The Business Journal