Video: Black Market Labor & Its Effect on the Economy

Labor Finders “Hire Me” Video Extols the Correct Way to Hire.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL— You see them standing on street corners, waiting for you at your local home fix-it store looking for a job. Most people believe that hiring illegal workers to do any kind of work is a good thing. Sadly, that is not the case. Hiring undocumented workers from street corners or even from local government sponsored locations (yes, they do exist) undermines the economy, especially affecting healthcare and education.

Consider this scenario; a contractor hires an undocumented worker to do some landscaping. The worker cuts himself using a hedge trimmer. Now, most likely the contractor does not carry workers compensation insurance. Being a “good person”, the contractor gets the worker to the local hospital and drops him off. Now, here lies the real problem, in all probability, this worker does NOT have health insurance. So, who pays for his treatment? You, the taxpayer. Your health insurance goes up. Your future medical bills go up.

Labor Finders International wants you to know about the effect of undocumented laborers working in our country. These workers do not pay taxes nor do they carry workers compensation insurance. In addition, there needs to be a strong concentrated focus on those individuals who hire undocumented workers in the first place.

In order to bring awareness to this ongoing situation, Labor Finders has produced a compelling two-minute video title “Hire Me”, filmed by Intelligent Productions. This striking, thought provoking, unscripted video highlights workers, some born in this country, others are legal immigrants; but the common bond they all share is that each are legal to work in this country and each pays their taxes.

Dan Shube, Director of Marketing, for Labor Finders International, said, “This great country of ours was built on the sweat of a diverse workforce. Hopefully this video will help spread the word about hiring temps who pay their taxes, have workers compensation insurance, and are safety trained!”

Government agencies depend on tax revenue to provide important services. “In addition, Labor Finders is urging our federal government to pass and enforce comprehensive immigration reform,” stated Shube.

About Labor Finders International:

Labor Finders International, Inc., a franchise company, is the country’s oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company. Labor Finders operates more than 200 offices nationwide with a 35-year tradition of leadership as the country’s top name and resource in the business of temporary industrial staffing.

  • Labor Finders: hires only legal workers
  • Labor Finders: workers pay taxes
  • Labor Finders: workers have worker’s compensation insurance
  • Labor Finders: workers are safety trained
  • Labor Finders: is urging our federal government to pass and enforce comprehensive immigration reform

Labor Finders strength comes from the commitment of locally operated staffing offices that consistently satisfy their customers, while demonstrating their core values everyday: Respect, Appreciation and Safety. The mission is simple: treat temporary employees and customers fairly.




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